With 105,000 flowers and trees

Sulaymaniyah approaches international standards in greenery efforts,

SULAYMANIYAH, January 13 — The city of Sulaymaniyah has made significant strides in its greenery initiatives, planting a total of 105,000 flowers and trees last year, as reported by Bahroz Salar, the director of Sulaymaniyah parks, in a conversation with 964media.

Salar indicated that the city’s greenery rate is nearing 20%, a figure aligning closely with international standards. The planting effort included 60,000 trees and 45,000 flowers, marking a decisive step towards achieving global greenery benchmarks. “Sulaymaniyah is just one step away from fully meeting these standards”, according to Salar.

He also said that despite facing challenges such as summer water shortages, which impact the maintenance of gardens and parks, the city has remained committed to its greenery projects. An emphasis has been placed on the implementation of efficient irrigation systems to support the newly planted trees and flowers.

Currently, Sulaymaniyah is home to approximately 650 gardens and 12 parks, housing over three million trees. These green spaces have a substantial summer water requirement, exceeding five million liters daily.