Plans for Expansion Underway

Al-Farahidi Street in Basra Overflows with Cultural Activities

AL_FARAHIDI STREET, BASRA 12 January, On Al-Farahidi Street in the heart of Basra, a surge in demand for Sigmund Freud’s psychological works, especially books like “The Interpretation of Dreams” and “Personality Analysis,” was observed this Friday. The street, bustling with artistic and theatrical activities, attracts audiences from nearby and distant cities. However, its limited space and the small number of bookstores have led to calls for expansion.

Alaa Nazem, bookstore owner: “At Fikra Bookstore, there’s been a high demand for Freud’s psychology books. Al-Farahidi Street, with its limited space and few bookstores, desperately needs expansion as we are facing a shortage of titles due to this limitation.”

Safaa Al-Dhahi, official of a foundation: “Regarding the expansion of Al-Farahidi Street, our foundation, Enjaz, will play a significant role. We have obtained approvals from the local government and Basra Municipality, and there is a plan to expand the street. With the street now hosting a theater, a poetry platform, and a cultural meeting place, the need to increase the number of stalls is evident, especially with the growing cultural events.”