30,000 barrels per day

Najaf Refinery Successfully Meets 2023 Fuel Supply Goals

NAJAF, 12 January — The management of Najaf Refinery announced its successful fulfillment of market needs in 2023. The refinery provided the Al-Haidariya power station with its entire requirement of improved gas oil and supplied the Oil Products Distribution Company in Najaf with kerosene and gasoline.

Laith Abdul Rasool, the refinery’s manager, spoke to 964media about their operations. He stated that the refinery works around the clock to ensure a consistent supply of fuel to the Al-Haidariya power station. Additionally, it adequately equips the Oil Products Distribution Company in Najaf to meet the local market’s demand.

According to Abdul Rasool, the refinery achieved the 2023 ministerial plan by producing 30,000 barrels per day through three refining units, each with a capacity of 10,000 barrels. This led to an annual production of 360,000 barrels.

He emphasized the continuous monitoring of production processes and laboratory testing to ensure the quality and consistency of products. Abdul Rasool noted that the refinery does not produce “enhanced gasoline” but relies on exporting “naphtha,” a gasoline-improving substance, to specialized production facilities.

He also mentioned the refinery’s success in supplying the required fuel quantities to the Najaf Pipeline Company (“Najaf Depot”) throughout the past year.

Abdul Rasool clarified that they do not release monthly production statistics, adhering to the instructions of the Ministry of Oil, and only provide annual data.