Over 1,350 legal separations reported

Divorces in Garmiyan jump by 70 percent in 2023

GARMIYAN, January 11 — The number of divorce cases reported in Garmiyan district was up by 70 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year according to data from five civil courts in that jurisdiction.

A total of 1,352 divorces were reported in 2023 from the district’s five civil courts in Kalar, Kifri, Rizgari, Darbandikhan, and Khanaqin, compared to 797 divorces the year before.

Kalar reported the highest number of cases with 819 couples seeking legal separation.

Speaking to 964, lawyer Shamal Abdul Wahid highlighted, “A considerable portion of divorce cases can be attributed to ongoing misunderstandings or miscommunication between spouses. Financial problems within families were cited as another prevalent factor contributing to the rise in cases.”

A total of 2,618 marriages were also recorded in Garmiyan in 2023.