Protest coincides with Sudani visit

Unemployed graduates rally in Dhi Qar for job placements

NASIRIYAH, January 8 — Hundreds of unemployed graduates gathered on Monday in front of the governorate building in Nasiriyah.

The demonstration coincided with the visit of Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, as protesters demanded to be exempted from a job allocation lottery specifically designated for Dhi Qar.

Demonstrators said they were supposed to receive job allocations years ago, but due to delays, were included in a current lottery instead. They are pushing to receive priority, leaving this year’s graduates to wait their turn.

Ahmed Fadel, a graduate:

“We urge Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani to exempt us from the regulations governing job allocations for Dhi Qar within the 150,000 job positions announced by the Prime Minister’s office.”

Mohammed Faraj, another graduate, added:

“Over 4,000 graduates have been protesting and demonstrating for the past three years, and these job positions are the result of our continuous protests. Our exemption is a legitimate demand, similar to the exemptions granted by the Prime Minister in Baghdad. Today, we leverage his presence to amplify our voices.”

Sura Al-Khafaji, a graduate:

“We have suffered a lot, protested in various circumstances, and no one has advocated for us. Today, we request from the Prime Minister to look at us with paternal compassion and agree to exempt us, putting an end to our ongoing struggles for years.”