Officials warn of potential disaster

Ranya’s Darband Bridge at risk of iminent collapse under strain of heavy trucks

RANYA, January 4 — Authorities in Ranya have issued a notice of caution to drivers stating the Darband Bridge is at risk of collapse due to strain from trucks carrying heavy loads.

Mayor Hussein Mahmoud stressed that the bridge’s capacity is being exceeded, primarily because trucks are diverting through the town amid protests and strikes by residents of Khalakan and Khdran sub-districts.

“I urge truck drivers to opt for an alternative route between Khdran and Qamtaran to avert potential accidents. The bridge was not designed to handle such a heavy load, and the road directorate has notified us that it is not capable of withstanding the strain,” Mahmoud added.

Over the past week, residents of Khalakan and Khdran sub-districts, along with neighboring villagers, have blocked the road, prohibiting truck movement towards Dukan. Their demonstrations are tied to inadequate electricity and deteriorating road conditions in the area.