Ministry of Communications issues statement

Iraq suspends Telegram nationwide, uncertainty remains for Kurdistan region

ERBIL, August 6 — The Iraqi Ministry of Communications says it is not yet clear whether the decision to suspend Telegram will apply to the Kurdistan Region.

Dilan Rashad, spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), told 964: “In Iraq, the suspension of Telegram has become true. It now only works in the Kurdistan Region and has been suspended in other cities of the country.”

“Yesterday, Saturday, Telegram stopped a couple of times in the Iraqi provinces, including Kirkuk and Khanaqin, but today it became official.

The Iraqi Ministry of Communications has suspended the Telegram platform on the recommendation of “higher authorities” for several reasons related to national security and the leakage of citizens’ information.

“The relevant government agencies have repeatedly asked the company to help shut down platforms that cause the leakage of information from government agencies and citizens, but the company has not responded,” the Ministry said in a statement.