Roses, fittonias and rosemaries

Revitalization of Hawari Shar Park with Extensive Greenery

SULAYMANIYAH, January 3–  The renowned Hawari Shar Park in Sulaymaniyah has seen a significant beautification effort with the planting of 1,600 rose flowers in its Zone 4 area. Additionally, the park’s entrance now boasts an impressive display of 150 fittonias and 200 rosemary plants.

This initiative was carried out on Tuesday, January 2, as part of a larger project aimed at enhancing the park’s aesthetic and environmental appeal. Faraidoon Omar, the director of the park, spoke to 964media about the campaign’s role in fostering a more dynamic and visually attractive space for visitors.

Omar further discussed the park’s ongoing restoration efforts, which include the addition of over 10,000 new saplings, refurbishing the fences, and repairing damaged pavement stones.