Conference set to take place in Erbil

KRG ministry announces child protection conference scheduled for July 1

ERBIL, January 3 — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is set to convene a child protection conference in Erbil on July 1 to address health, employment, hunger, violence, and child exploitation.

Arian Ahmad, spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, told 964, “All matters pertaining to children, society, families, and their challenges will be thoroughly discussed, with the outcomes and research subsequently published in a scientific journal.”

Highlighting pre-conference research, Ahmad mentioned that comprehensive measures and recommendations have already been formulated to address the identified problems.

According to the Kurdistan Child Protection Organization, there are an estimated 1,213 child laborers in the Kurdistan Region, 500 of whom are local children. The remaining children are believed to have come from outside the region.