Project just 40 percent complete

Qaladze’s Sarnel Park project remains incomplete after 12 years

QALADZE, January 2 — Construction of the Sarnel Park project in Qaladze began twelve years ago, but just 40 percent of the project has been finished, leaving the 45-dunam site incomplete.

Qaladze Mayor Aram Mohammed told 964 that nearly half of the park projet was finalized prior to 2013, but the ensuing financial crisis proved a major obstacle to its overall completion.

“Pending tasks involve the establishment of a water reservoir, implementation of an irrigation system, cultivation of greenery, provision of seating, and installation of lighting, at an overall cost of 300 million dinars” Mohammed added.

The mayor emphasized that work thus-far had focused on safeguarding the designated land, underscoring its suitability for the envisioned park. He expressed optimism that construction would resume when financial circumstances permit.