Hospital visits jump in July

Scorpion and dog bites on the rise in southern Duhok

BARDARASH, August 6 — Health authorities in Bardarash, south of Duhok, announced on Saturday that 551 individuals visited the city’s emergency centers during the month of July. Among them, 46 cases were due to scorpion stings, and 20 cases were caused by dog bites.

Nishwan Barzanji, a spokesperson for the Bardarash health directorate, stated: “Forty-six individuals sought emergency care due to scorpion stings during July. Fortunately, we have the necessary injections and treatments for snake and scorpion bites, so they were treated promptly.”

“The total number of visitors amounted to 551 people, including two cases of snakebites, 20 cases due to dog bites, and three cases of electric shocks, while the remaining cases were related to various illnesses.”