Residents at risk

Health center in Baghdad conducts awareness campaign for sun and heat safety

BAGHDAD, August 5 — The Basmaiyah Health Center, located in southeastern Baghdad, recently organized an awareness campaign aimed at preventing heat exhaustion and sun exposure for residents and workers amid soaring summer temperatures.

The campaign targeted various area residents, with a special focus on children and workers who are exposed to direct sunlight. Its purpose was to raise awareness about the risks of high-temperature exposure and the potential for heatstroke or heat-related illnesses.

Nidal Jasim, a campaign participant told 964: “This is an awareness campaign urging Basmaiyah’s residents to take safety precautions and protect themselves from accidents and injuries resulting from direct exposure to the sun or stress due to high temperatures.”

Hasan Mohammed, a resident of Basmaiyah, stated: “The campaign was beneficial, and we received both verbal and written instructions, as well as basic first aid techniques in case of any health emergencies due to high temperatures.”

Ziad Ahmed, another Basmaiyah resident, added: “They explained the importance of avoiding exposure to sunlight outdoors or at home during the hottest hours of the day by closing curtains and staying away from the sun, in order to protect the body from the negative effects on health.”

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