19,500 Iraqi citizens sought asylum in Europe

Last year, 21,000 people migrated to Europe from Kurdistan Region

ERBIL, December 31– In 2023, approximately 21,000 individuals have migrated from the Kurdistan Region to various European countries. 3,400 out of the total migrants originated from the Raperin Administration, as revealed by Bakr Ali, the president of the Association of Returned Refugees (ARR) in press conference on Saturday.

The statistics from ARR reveal a significant number of migrants currently find themselves detained on the Belarus border and in other countries.

Among the 21,000 migrants, 37 lost their lives during the journey to Europe, with six of these fatalities traced back to the Raperin region.

Ari Jalal, Head of the Summit Foundation for Refugee Affairs, told 964media that within this migration surge, a total of 19,500 Iraqi citizens, aged 18 and above, have sought asylum in Europe over the course of this year.