Allegedly causing chronic diseases

Thousands seek legal action against factories in Sulaymaniyah

SULAYMANIYAH, December 31– The Kurdistan Green Party has highlighted a significant environmental and health crisis in Sulaymaniyah, with nearly 6,000 individuals filing complaints against local factories. The complaints allege that these factories’ failure to adhere to environmental regulations has led to an increase in chronic diseases, including cancer, among the local population.

Mlko Baziyani, the president of the Kurdistan Green Party, told 964media that there are plans to initiate legal action against two major companies, French Lafarge and Tasluja Cement Factory, located in the Bazian district of Sulaymaniyah.

These companies have been at the center of controversy, with residents accusing them of environmental negligence. The allegations point to a direct correlation between the factories’ operations and the health issues plaguing the community.

Baziyani expressed frustration over the lack of response from the Kurdistan Regional Government’s prosecutor general to a lawsuit filed a year ago. This inaction has prompted the party to escalate the matter to the Federal Court.

The issue at hand is not limited to these two factories but extends to all industrial entities in Sulaymaniyah. Baziyani underscored the widespread nature of environmental pollution caused by these factories, which poses a significant threat to public health and the environment.

The Kurdistan Green Party has been actively engaging with the Iraqi Minister of Environment, demanding accountability and stringent measures against the responsible companies. Baziyani emphasized the critical need for action, especially given that Sulaymaniyah accounts for 32% of Iraq’s industrial activity. The party’s move to seek legal recourse marks a crucial step in addressing environmental hazards and safeguarding public health.