Site to process material from 5 districts

Soran prepares for construction of major recycling facility

SORAN, December 30 — A new recycling facility is ready to be constructed in Erbil’s Soran district and authorities are planning to develop a two-sided road to access the planned site.

Hazhar Mahir, Director of the Soran Environmental Office, informed 964 that preparations for this initiative are complete.

“A budget of 237 million dinars, allocated from the Ministry of Municipalities, has been designated for the road, and the recycling factory situated between Badaliyan and Delizyan villages,” he said.

Mahir highlighted that the responsibility to build the factory rested with the company managing Soran’s cleaning services, which he said has failed to fulfill its obligation. Per the cleaning company’s contract, a recycling facility is mandated to be established after ten years of operation.

Envisioned as one of the largest in the Kurdistan Region, the factory will handle waste from all four districts of Soran, along with garbage from Akre district.

Mahir anticipates that the facility will provide job opportunities for over 500 individuals, emphasizing that all recycled materials will be reused.