Resourcefulness becomes a craft

Hajji Jalil Al-Ramahi’s journey fixing headlights in Najaf’s industrial district

NAJAF, December 29 – Hajji Jalil Al-Ramahi fixes headlights in Najaf’s industrial district in Kufa – a profession he began before the area was designated in 1974.

Al-Ramahi shared his story with 964, detailing how he entered the trade and his decision to continue working in it, despite earning a diploma from a medical institute.

Details of Al-Ramahi’s journey

Al-Ramahi’s journey in the world of car parts started with headlights, especially for buses. The profession was widespread in the city during the 1990s’ embargo when people were forced to reuse and refashion pieces due to the high cost of spare parts.

Reflections from Al-Ramahi

“Our work became famous during the embargo period. We performed operations like polishing, soldering, compressing lamps, and fixing fractures.”

“At that time, it wasn’t possible to replace lamps due to their high cost, so we had to maintain them. We relied on the local industry and I would do the modifications and casting, even manufacturing backlights.”

“Many in the industrial district have incredible minds for modifying spare car parts, a skill learned during the embargo period, and some continue to practice it.”

“I love this work and have been very successful in it. I have many customers who come from neighboring governorates. Even my studies at the Medical Institute did not prevent me from continuing my work. In fact, I never applied for a government job.”