Private and public facilities affected

KRG health ministry shutters hospitals for various violations

ERBIL, December 26 — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Health has initiated the closure of several private hospitals due to violations determined by a specialized committee.

The legal and health-related violations were observed during an audit of both private and public healthcare institutions. The committee most recently focused on the public hospital in Koya’s Taqtaq district.

Dr. Kanaan Kanabi, Head of the Inspection and Monitoring Directorate at the Ministry of Health, shared with 964, “In 2023, we successfully completed the assigned task, inspecting all hospitals in the Kurdistan Region.”

Dr. Kanabi refrained from disclosing the number of closed hospitals but acknowledged that several private and government healthcare facilities had received notifications due to a number of deficiencies. The ministry saaid it would release a detailed report, including the committee’s activities, in the coming days.

Concerning private hospitals, the ministry noted that some facilities had not opened yet, while others had been temporarily closed and penalized before reopening, primarily due to issues with license renewals.