Causing four fatalities

Over 1,000 fires ravage Akre, Bardarash, and Sheikhan in 2023

DUHOK, December 24 – The districts of Akre, Bardarash, and Sheikhan in the Duhok Governorate have faced a challenging year with over 1,000 fires, resulting in the tragic loss of four lives. These incidents were reported by the Civil Defense Directorate of Akre.

Ibrahim Fariq, the Director of Akre Civil Defense, told 964media that a total of 1,089 fires have been recorded from the beginning of the year until early December. The variety of fires included those affecting barley and wheat fields, vehicles, houses, tents, warehouses, and factories.

A recent fire incident involved a generator in the Akre district, fortunately with no casualties. Fariq highlighted that three of this year’s fires were particularly large and destructive. These included a major crop fire, the burning of two tankers, and a significant blaze at an aluminum factory and warehouse.

In the previous 11 months, around 450,000 dunams of land in the Akre and Bardarash districts were cultivated with wheat and barley. However, a substantial portion of this area, approximately 139,000 dunams, was lost to the fires. These incidents have had a significant impact on the region, affecting both the lives of the residents and the agricultural landscape.