Area residents demand more public services

Electricity project to illuminate highest waterfall in Kurdistan

SORAN, December 23 — In a bid to enhance local services, electricity is poised to reach the renowned Kani Bast waterfall, the highest waterfall in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq overall, standing at 37 meters and featured on the 50,000 Iraqi dinar note.

Approximately 50 households near the waterfall demanded improved services in the area, including road construction and access to electricity. The local government has responded to these requests, with plans to fulfill the demands in the near future.

Abdulrahman Rasul, Director of Qasre district, informed 964 that the Soran administration has taken steps to provide electricity following the residents’ requests. “The Soran Administration has sanctioned the electricity supply line for Kani Bast, with the implementation of the electricity transmission project estimated at a cost of 112 million dinars,” he stated.

Rasul further explained that ongoing efforts include road construction projects for the area, with future plans to develop Kani Bast into a tourist destination.