Catering to women

Duhok’s first female taxi driver breaks new ground

DUHOK — Suham Mohammed, Duhok’s first female taxi driver, has been behind the wheel for nearly three months, supporting her household and bakery business. Mohammed, who also owns a bakery where she employs several women and serves breakfast to guests, decided to purchase a taxi to specifically cater to female customers.

At 45, Mohammed has managed her bakery for six years, fostering a community space where women work and gather. “Since I own a bakery where a group of women work together and most of our customers are women, I thought of buying a taxi and becoming a taxi driver myself to cater to their needs,” Mohammed told 964media.

In her short time as a taxi driver, she has transported her passengers—mostly women—to various locations without any issues. “During this time, I have been very comfortable and faced no issues. Sometimes, I drive my female passengers to Amedi and Zakho. I am ready to drive any woman who needs a ride to any destination,” she said.

Looking to the future, Mohammed is determined to expand her new venture. “I want to quickly establish a taxi office and purchase five taxis, as women feel more comfortable and secure with female drivers. This will increase the number of female taxi drivers,” she explained.