Installments as low as $200 per month

Sulaymaniyah Workers Union strikes housing deal for members

SULAYMANIYAH, December 22 — The Sulaymaniyah Workers Union has struck a deal with housing developers to extended a favorable installment plan for its members to purchase units at a new project.

The Central Park project, encompassing 400 apartments, is set to offer housing to union members with a structured payment plan of $200 per month over a span of 13 years.

Chalak Rauf, the head of the Sulaymaniyah Workers Union, underscored that the accommodations are specifically reserved for union members. In response to potentially high demand, Rauf affirmed a commitment to explore avenues for increasing availability.

Prospective residents are required to register within a two-month window, and the allocation of units will be determined through a lottery system.

While the total cost of each apartment stands at $56,000, Rauf clarified that the down payment remains undisclosed. This decision aims to accommodate workers facing financial constraints by offering assistance and discounts.

The Sulaymaniyah Workers Union has an estimated 5,000 members.