Volunteer feeds 350 to 500 workers

Duhok resident provides weekly free meals for workers

DUHOK, December 21 — A young man named Karwan Meski has been offering complimentary meals to workers every Thursday at Workers’ Square in Duhok.

For several years, Meski has taken it upon himself to provide meals for 350 to 500 workers on a weekly basis.

“I, myself, sell construction materials and have been providing free meals to workers every Thursday for several years,” he told a 964 reporter.

Meski highlighted that the initiative has expanded beyond his individual efforts, with the involvement of multiple donors in the cause.

His primary objective in providing the meals is philanthropy, with the core message of his work aimed at fortifying collaboration and assisting others. Drawing from his past experience as a worker, he said he intimately understands the challenges associated with physical labor.

While he has enhanced his own standard of living over time, his commitment remains steadfast to extending assistance to others in a similar pursuit of self improvement.