Officials puzzled by dumpster thefts

Qaradagh municipality grapples with widespread littering

QARADAGH, December 21 — The Qaradagh Municipality has encountered a unique challenge: the theft of garbage dumpsters from several villages in the district. Dilovan Ali, the Mayor of Qardagh, shared his concerns with 964, highlighting that despite installing large trash receptacles in every village, some have disappeared and resulted in dumping.

According to Ali, residents of affected villages have resorted to dumping their garbage along main roads. This widespread littering has significantly burdened both the municipality and the waste management company, Uranus, tasked with garbage collection. Photos released by the Qaradagh Municipality showed the company’s employees cleaning the main roads of Garazil, Qareman, and Qaradagh villages, where the problem is most acute.

Compounding the issue is a slower garbage collection, down from four times a week to just once. The mayor attributed the change to budget constraints at Uranus Company, stemming from delayed payments by the government. The reduction in service, coupled with the disappearance of containers, has exacerbated the littering problem.

Mayor Ali appealed to local residents for cooperation and responsible waste disposal practices. He emphasized the importance of community involvement in addressing this issue, especially in light of the 86 villages in Qaradagh that depend on Uranus Company and municipal oversight for garbage collection.