Says public rallied around Al-Halbousi

Taqaddum official sheds light on party’s election triumph

BAGHDAD, December 21 — Ahmad Al-Masari, a leading figure in the Taqaddum Party, has shed light on his party’s considerable triumph in the recent provincial council elections.

In a detailed conversation with journalist Hisham Ali, Al-Masari attributed their success to the party’s impactful governance in Anbar and empathetic public response to Mohammad Al-Halbousi’s parliamentary exit.

Al-Masari stated, “What happened after the results were revealed, and the achievements of Taqaddum, were not coincidental. It was the culmination of our significant performance in Anbar and our mutual trust with the electorate.”

He reflected on Taqaddum’s influence in Anbar, aiming to extend similar governance models to other governorates, especially Baghdad. “Our public wants to see services akin to what is present in Anbar. They gravitated towards the polling stations, strongly inclined towards Taqaddum,” Al-Masari explained.

On the removal of Al-Halbousi from parliament, Al-Masari said, “This wasn’t the sole reason for our substantial votes. The targeting of Al-Halbousi was perceived as a clear assault, and instead of weakening us, it galvanized the public to rally around him.”

“Our supporters responded robustly to those who targeted Al-Halbousi and the Taqaddum project. This has only amplified our resolve and the electorate’s confidence in our future role,” he concluded.