In a post-election move

Parties of the Coordination Framework regroup

Baghdad, December 20 — In a strategic move to expedite the formation of local governments, Iraq’s Coordination Framework announced today the establishment of a unified bloc across all provinces. This significant development, outlined in a statement after their meeting, signals a return to the Framework’s political alliance after the election.

The Coordination Framework expressed profound gratitude to the Iraqi populace for their “active and free participation in fulfilling their constitutional obligation by voting in the recent elections”.

The coalition also commended the Iraqi government for its efficient management and oversight of the elections, highlighting the commendable performance of the Independent High Electoral Commission and the valiant role of the security forces in ensuring a secure electoral process.

The coordination framework held its regular meeting today, Wednesday, 12-20-2023, in the presence of the Prime Minister, to discuss the formation of provincial councils and the election of new governors.

The coordination framework expressed its great thanks to the proud Iraqi people who adhered to their constitutional entitlement and contributed effectively in casting their vote freely.

The coordination framework appreciated the great role played by the government in implementing and monitoring the elections in a safe manner, the Independent High Electoral Commission for its distinguished performance, and the valiant security forces for performing their role to the fullest extent.

The meeting announced the formation of a coordinating framework bloc in all governorates to accelerate the formation of local councils to provide services in continuation and completion of the efforts of the federal government that characterized it over the past year.