Collaboration with French consulate

Six ancient sites in Duhok’s Amedi district to undergo restoration

DUHOK, December 20 — The Consulate General of France in the Kurdistan Region is collaborating with international organizations and the Directorate of Archeology and Tourism in Duhok to initiate the restoration of six historical landmarks in Amedi district.

The sites undergoing restoration include the Qubahan School, the Old Mosque, the Old Church, Sultan’s Cemetery, Pirhazan’s Shrine, and Kura Sriji.

Bekas Brifkani, Director General of the Archeology Directorate in Duhok, revealed the Consulate is in further collaboration with French institutions and the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Tourism, which will undertake the renovation of the sites following seven months of theoretical research to ensure a standardized approach.

Renovations are slated to commence next year, contributing to the preservation of over 200 archaeological sites in Amedi district, which make up part of Duhok governate’s 2,221 historical sites.