Official statement

PM visits joint operations command to oversee election security

BAGHDAD, December 18 — Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani visited the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command on Monday, overseeing the implementation of security plans for securing the provincial council elections.

A statement by the media office of Al-Sudani:

“Mr. Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani, visited the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command on Monday to monitor the implementation of security plans accompanying the elections of provincial councils.

During the visit, Mr. Al-Sudani received a briefing on the security situation in various responsibility areas, particularly regarding providing security for all polling centers across Iraq’s provinces. The focus was on ensuring the smooth access of citizens to the centers and stations to cast their votes, as well as providing logistical and operational support to the Independent High Electoral Commission to enable them to fulfill their duties and ensure the success of the electoral process in its entirety.

Mr. Al-Sudani reiterated his directives to all branches of the armed forces, especially those tasked with election-related duties, to adhere to instructions. This includes ensuring maximum levels of security and stability, enforcing legal regulations, and applying them in all their forms. He emphasized the need for swift response and action against any security breaches or violations, in accordance with legal procedures and within the scope of their assigned powers and duties.”