During the first three hours of Saturday morning

Election Monitoring Alliance reports violations in Iraqi provincial council special voting

December 16 — The Alliance of Networks and National Organizations for Iraqi Provincial Councils Election Monitoring recorded a series of violations in various special polling centers across different regions and cities during the first three hours of Saturday morning.

List of Violations Documented by the Alliance:


Qala’a Center: Campaigning for a specific candidate using identification cards.
Ibn Maja Center: Police director endorsing a specific person with the district director entering the center in his private vehicle to campaign for his brother, a candidate.
Dali Abbas Center: Campaigning for a specific person.
Most centers have electoral propaganda within 100 meters.

Daquq (Kirkuk):

Amal Elementary School – Polling Center Number (138450): Candidate images and advertisements within 100 meters of the polling center.
Voting by multiple individuals without a second official document, using only the voter card despite clear instructions from the center director to prevent those without a second form of identification from voting.
Voters requesting information on how to nullify their votes.
Recording two instances of mobile phone use inside the station by voters.

Ash Shatra (Dhi Qar) – Dijlah Center:

Distribution of campaign materials for the “State of Law” coalition.
Campaign advertisements within 100 meters.

Al-Zubair District (Basra) – Al-Nasr Center (2938):

Moderate turnout, with most voters unfamiliar with the voting process and lacking identification documents.
Wrong placement of voting booths in proximity to windows, violating instructions.
Discussions and exchanges of opinions among some voters inside the polling station.

Duhok – Third Station – Fazin Center for Displaced Persons:

Recorded three instances of violations within the first hour of voting.

Sulaymaniyah – “New Day” Center for Displaced Persons:

Recorded seven instances of violations, including fingerprint reading issues, until eight-thirty in the morning.