Hospital is 85 percent completed

New private hospital slated for inauguration in Duhok’s Semel district

DUHOK, December 12– A private company will soon inaugurate a new hospital project in Duhok’s Semel district, which covers an area spanning 2,500 square meters across four floors.

Falah Haji, spokesperson for the Duhok General Investment Directorate, informed 964 that the private hospital in Semel district is nearly 85 percent completed and will provide more than 250 jobs.

With an estimated project cost of $9.377 million, the hospital is slated to feature an intensive care unit (ICU) equipped with five operating rooms, a dedicated maternity operating room, and an advanced oxygen purification department.

Further details provided indicate the inclusion of 26 doctors’ clinics, a pharmacy, a radiology laboratory, a cafeteria, a designated parking area, and an array of comprehensive medical services.