Posts call out Hussam Al-Rassam on MBC's Yooz Talent program

Media personality Ahmed Albasheer criticizes Iraqi singer’s interaction with young TV show contestant

December 11 — Media personality Ahmed Albasheer said he was astonished at the way singer and judge on MBC’s Yooz Talent program Hussam Al-Rassam dealt with a young Iraqi contestant, sharing a series of videos to social media in response.

Stories shared on Albasheer’s verified Instagram account showed a recording of the interaction where Al-Rassam scolds a contestant who goes by the name Mood, telling him, “Take your hand out of your pocket. You’re [on] MBC’s screen, so you should present yourself differently.”

Albasheer respond to the interaction, saying the contestant had chosen to appear on stage in an artistic style that suited him as a jazz artist.

The Iraqi comedian, known for mocking public figures, posting a hashtag that read #Take_Your_Hand_Out_of_Your_Pocket as well as a picture of Al-Rassam posing in photo posted to his own Instagram account with his hand in his pocket.

This is the second time the personalities have clashed. Albasheer had previously mocked Al-Rassam’s participation in a promotional song for a political party. The matter was resolved after Al-Rassam appeared on Albasheer’s late-night style show, apologizing and reproducing the song with new lyrics.

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