Shipment arrives at El Arish in Egypt

Iraqi military aircraft transport 16-tons of medical aid to Gaza

BAGHDAD, December 5 — Iraqi military aircraft transported a 16-ton shipment of medical supplies from the Shrine of Imam Hussein in Karbala to the Palestinian people in Gaza on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Defense released a statement regarding the latest shipment, which read:

Under the direction of the Prime Minister and continuous oversight from the Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff, C-130 aircraft of the Air Force departed from the Martyr Muhammad Alaa Airbase on the morning of December 5, 2023. The cargo, provided by the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein, landed at El Arish Airport in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The aid will be handed over to the Palestinian people in Gaza under the supervision of the Iraqi Red Crescent to the Egyptian Red Crescent in El Arish. Subsequently, it will be delivered to the Palestinian people, with additional shipments of food and medical supplies planned. This marks the sixth aid shipment from the Iraqi territories to Egyptian territories, specifically loaded with medical supplies for our brethren in Palestine. The ongoing airlift of aid is in accordance with the directives of the Prime Minister.