Eleven designers and scores of models participate in show

Basra’s debut fashion show: blending Sumerian heritage with modern elegance

BASRA, December 4 — A fashion agency in Basra has held what is believed to be the city’s first fashion show featuring 11 designers and both male and female models.

The organizers transformed a warehouse belonging to the Ministry of Commerce into a stage and catwalk highlighting the spirit of Sumerian civilization blended with modernity.

Zain Kareem works for the fashion agency that put the show together. He shared the group’s intention with putting the show together:

This fashion show aimed to keep pace with the developments in the fashion world outside Iraq, particularly in fashion design and presentation methods. The showcase drew inspiration from Sumerian civilization blended with modern European art, prioritizing art first and fashion second.

We expressed historical civilization through the creation of music specifically for the show, introducing the traditional drum instrument representing the distinctive ancient art in Iraq.

The venue of the show serves as a breakthrough. Challenges were significant in transforming the huge warehouse storage into a vibrant, artistic space. The design and décor were done in a Bohemian style.

The selection of participating models was based on nearly international standards. We attempted to choose models based on height, clothing measurements, weight, facial features, eyes, and general cultural knowledge.

Eight clothing designers, two accessory designers, and one eyewear designer participated in the show.

Zahraa Jihad, from the Make Event company and event organizer gave insight into the preparations for the show, saying:

The Make Event team needed four months to organize the event, obtain approval from the Ministry of Commerce to hold the show in one of their warehouses, and select designers for the marketing of the event.

The most challenging aspect for us was securing sponsors for the event. This is our first experience with fashion shows. Previously, we organized food festivals and a Halloween party, but the field of fashion is new to us.

The local government was not initially enthusiastic about the idea. However, the Director of Grain Trade in Basra assisted and supported us, facilitating the process of securing one of the ministry’s warehouses for the event.

Model Hamza Hassan shared:

It was an incredibly wonderful experience. I am pleased to have the show held in my city, Basra; this means a lot to me. This event will open up numerous opportunities for young people interested in this field in Basra. As models, we were trained by experts in the field, and the preparations for the show, including rehearsals, lasted for four days.”