China and Iraq listed as Iran's top importers

Iraq ranks second in Iran’s non-oil exports, surpassing $6 billion in 8 months

ERBIL, December 4 — Iran’s Customs Administration has announced the value of its non-oil exports over the past eight months, with Iraq ranking second after China in importing goods exceeding $6 billion.

The Iranian Fars News Agency reported the figures, citing a statement from the Customs Administration:

The mentioned exports exclude electricity, oil, technical and engineering services, and [informal] trade. Non-oil exports saw a 27 percent increase in quantity but a 1.6 percent decrease in value.

Key exported goods during this period included liquefied natural gas valued at $2.387 billion, liquefied propane at $2.089 billion, methanol at $1.505 billion, tar at $1.476 billion, and liquefied butane at $1.416 billion.

The value of petrochemical exports decreased by 12.94 percent, while other goods experienced an 8.12 percent increase.

The top importing markets for Iranian goods during the mentioned eights months were led by China with $9.158 billion, followed by Iraq with $6.023 billion, the UAE with $4.162 billion, Turkey with $3.028 billion, and India with $1.466 billion.

These five markets collectively imported a total of 67.596 million tons of Iranian goods valued at $23.837 billion, representing 70 percent and 73 percent of the total quantity and value of exports, respectively.

Imports recorded 24.709 million tons of goods valued at $42.199 billion, showing a quantitative growth of 4.32 percent and a price increase of 12.36 percent compared to the corresponding period in 2022.