A culinary tradition in Al-Kut

The enduring charm of Burger Riyadh on the Tigris shores

AL-KUT, November 25 — On the banks of the Tigris River, for the past thirty years, having dinner at “Burger Riyadh” has become a customary tradition in Al-Kut. The cafeteria stands out by exclusively selling these sandwiches, specializing solely in them. They also offer a unique “sammouna” (a type of bread) produced in their own bakery.

Ahmed Salim – Head of Workers for Network 964:

“Burger Riyadh opened on the Corniche Street in the early ’90s, and we have been working with the same enthusiasm ever since. It can be said that everyone in Al-Kut has tasted the burger. We buy Iraqi meat from well-known butchers in Al-Kut, and we offer a ‘sammouna’ that is different from others as it is made in the cafeteria’s own bakery. In addition, we have our secret blends. We used to sell the burger for 1500 dinars, but recently, due to the rise in meat prices, its price has become 2000 dinars.”

Mohammed Al-Najjar – Customer:

“I always have dinner here, since childhood, and I don’t think the taste of Riyadh’s roll has changed. When guests from other provinces visit me, they ask me to have dinner at this place because they remember it well. The name is old, as people have started calling this dish burger in recent years, and the place is simple and not very spacious, but it stands out among all the agencies and labels in Al-Kut, in my opinion.”