Shoppers flock to the market as winter arrives

Second-hand winter clothes market in Basra offers global brands at bargain prices

BASRA, November 22 — The first rain of the season marked the start of winter in Basra, and with it, the used clothes market on Postal Street is now filled with second-hand European and American-brand winter clothes.

Sellers say they offer high-quality products from global brands at extremely affordable prices; among them Zara, The North Face, Nike, Adidas, Puma, and others.

Ibrahim Ahmed, a vendor in the second-hand market, said, “The winter season has begun, and interest is increasing after the first rain that the city experienced two days ago. Here in the stores on Postal Street for used clothes, you can find brands that you won’t even find in malls, and they are all authentic. We buy clothes in bundles, then we open and sort them, iron them, and display them for sale. Prices are suitable for everyone, ranging between 3,000 to 10,000 dinars depending on the type and quality.”

Shopper Haider Falah shared, “The used clothes market is a haven for those with limited incomes, seeking international brands not available in Iraq. In the market, you find many brands that don’t have agents in Iraq, and you find them at reasonable prices suitable for both the poor and the rich. I bought a North Face jacket for only 5,000, unbelievable.”