'Iraq has its share of problems.'

KRG Prime Minister warns against involving Iraq in Israel-Hamas conflict

DUHOK, November 21 — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani cautioned on Tuesday against dragging Iraq into the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, emphasizing that Iraq faces enough challenges.

Barzani’s remarks came during the second day of the Middle East Peace and Stability Forum (MEPS) in Duhok.

“As a people who have witnessed many wars and understand their severity, allow me to say that we are against war and it should not be used to solve problems,” Barzani said. “If we look at the situation in Gaza, are the people there better off now than before October 7? I believe the answer is very clear; innocent civilians pay an extremely high price. We condemn war and attacks on civilians, believing that there should be a peaceful solution to any ongoing conflict in the Middle East.”

The Prime Minister urged for leaders to find a solution to the Gaza war before it escalates into a wider military confrontation. “We must protect civilians, and we are all concerned about the escalating and spreading danger of fighting in the region. We hope to see an end to the war and a peaceful resolution to this conflict,” he said.

He added, “I believe the best thing Iraq can do is to stay away from this conflict. Iraq has its share of problems, and if there is a way to deliver humanitarian aid, that’s good. We tried in the Kurdistan Regional Government to deliver humanitarian aid to those in need through charities, but unfortunately, there was no opportunity to reach them.”