Challenges and passion in Tuwairij

Theater troupe struggles with lack of support for the arts

KARBALA, November 18 — Several theatrical groups in Karbala have recently suspended their performances due to what they say is a lack of support and encouragement. The Mohammed Jawad Amouri theater group in Tuwairij announced they would resume activities once conditions improve.

The Mohammed Jawad Amouri theater group in Tuwairij is considered a prominent theatrical group that consistently presents bold and unconventional ideas to translate reality into artistic works.

Founded by a group of young people, all under the age of 23, the group aims to bring life, promote a culture of love and coexistence, and enjoy beauty through their performances.

The group is named after the renowned Iraqi composer Mohammed Jawad Amouri, commemorating his artistic career and timeless songs on Iraqi heritage, such as “Jaoubni Tadri Al-Waqt for Hussain Ni’ma,” “Marina Bikom Hamad for Liyas Khudhair, “Wardi Wardi for Fuad Salem,” and others.

Hussein Al-Masrahi, member of the theater group, told 964:

We love the theater and find ourselves on its stage, but we haven’t received the support that would enable us to continue in Tuwairij’s theater or other theaters. We used to work freelance jobs to gather money to cover costumes and the things necessary for work. This is exhausting, especially as many of us are students. Additionally, the only available theater in the Youth Forum of Al-Hindiya lacks lighting and other equipment necessary for a comprehensive artistic performance.

We couldn’t execute the scenarios we prepared and had to modify them for these reasons. This led us to stop after performing ‘The First Knot,’ which received great acclaim at the time. We may return later when suitable conditions arise.

We have refused support several times because it often came with conditions, closer to a business deal, and we aim to present pure art, far from agendas.

We participated in the Karbala Forums Festival with the play ‘Disability’ and received the Best Playwright Award. We also took part in the last Short Film Festival in Tuwairij with the film ‘Vacant Coffin,’ winning the Best Actor Award.

Additionally, we provide uplifting shows for child cancer patients in hospitals.