Kurdala speaks to 964 about his upcoming work

Jassim Kurdala’s latest film, ‘Room No. 5,’ explores the historical narrative between Kadhimiya and Karbala

KARBALA, November 13 — Film director Jassim Kurdala is preparing to shoot a short feature titled ‘Room No. 5’ in Karbala. The film narrates a true story that unfolded in the 1990s, set in the Kadhimiya district in Baghdad. The director, who also wrote the screenplay, is ready to start filming in the historical Khan Al-Nakhilah, in addition to various areas and alleys in old Karbala and Kadhimiya.

A film and television director, and screenwriter, Kurdala holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Baghdad. Currently, he works as a director at the Karbala Satellite Channels Group and is a member of the Artists Syndicate, the Free Acting Troupe, and the United Cinema Group. Additionally, he manages two production companies, Iris and Q.

Kurdala is known for his versatile talents in acting and writing narrative and documentary short films. Some of his notable works include ‘Nabd Waraqa,’ ‘Kheit Abyad,’ ‘Waraqat Al-Tout,’ ‘Min Tawa Karbala,’ and ‘Mar’at Zarka.’

In the television realm, he has directed several projects, including the series ‘Bil Walidain Ihsanan’ and the play ‘Yawmiyat Mahdi lil-Tofoolah.’

Kurdala excels in acting, costume design, and makeup in various theatrical productions, such as ‘Ziqziqat Shansheel,’ ‘Sabran,’ ‘Schizophrenia,’ ‘Al-Himar wal-Thawr Al-Halim lil-Tifl,’ ‘Al-Thawrah al-Muqaddasah,’ “Rayah Ala Atlal Al-Dimaa,’ and ‘Dami Mahtatat wa Zill.’

He has participated in several local and international film festivals, including the Jerusalem Film Festival, Dhaka Film Festival, Peace Festival in Pakistan, Anti-Terrorism Festival, and English-language film festival in 31 countries.

Kurdala spoke to 964 about his upcoming work:

The film ‘Room No. 5’ is a short film set between the district of Kadhimiya and the prison cell in Ward 5, from which the film derives its name.

The film’s story dates back to the 1990s, beginning with a 35-year-old man entering prison for the crime of walking on foot to visit the shrines of the Imams, peace be upon them, in the city of Kadhimiya. He faces torture and abusive language from the henchmen of the former regime.

The film draws a connection between the Abbasid era and Saddam Hussein’s regime, transporting events to the Abbasid era and highlighting the oppression of Imam Kadhim in the prisons of that time.

A group of young people from Karbala participated in the acting, including Mohannad Manhil, Ahmed Kareem, Saif Al-Safi, Ibrahim Al-Shathar, and Rajaa Turki.

The shooting locations include Khan Al-Nakhilah, the Abbasid area, and Bab Al-Salalma in the old city of Karbala, as well as the district of Kadhimiya.

Images from the archive of Kurdala’s works: