KRG spokesman critical of delayed payments

Erbil awaits 700 billion dinars from Baghdad for public sector employee salaries

ERBIL, November 1 — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is expecting a 700 billion Iraqi dinar package from Baghdad this week to cover public sector salaries, the region’s spokesperson said on Tuesday.

KRG spokesperson Peshawa Tahir Mustafa posted to his official Facebook that the funds would arrive “if [Baghdad] do[es] not seek another excuse.”

According to Mustafa, the delay in payments to Erbil goes against agreements made between the regional and central governments.

“In the past, the Kurdistan Regional Government expressed a clear intention to reach an agreement with the federal government. We have nothing left to do, but if the situation continues in this manner, we cannot remain silent against the violation of constitutional rights,” his post continued.

The central government sent 700 billion dinars to Erbil in September to cover salary payments for KRG public sector employees. Disputes between Erbil and Baghdad resurfaced, causing the latter to halt the payment transfer.

The Iraqi government then agreed to transfer 2.1 trillion dinars to the Kurdistan Region through Rafidain and Rasheed banks, as well as through the Trade Bank of Iraq to cover three months’ of unpaid salaries.