Largest landfills located in Baghdad

Iraq produces 40 million tons of solid waste annually, highest per capita globally

BAGHDAD, October 26 — Iraq generates approximately 40 million tons of solid waste annually, with each Iraqi individual discarding between 750 to 1,250 grams daily, making it the highest per capita waste producer in the world according to the Ministry of the Environment.

Jassim Al-Falahi, the Deputy Minister of Environment, told the national newspaper, Al-Sabah, “Iraq is a significant producer of waste, which has become valuable today when managed in a circular economy system that encompasses waste collection, sorting, recycling, and conversion into energy. This sector can employ around 100,000 laborers.”

He also emphasized the need for the government to exit this sector and leave it to the private sector, as is practice across the world.

The move would aim to curb waste of public funds, combat corruption, and play a significant role in improving the livelihoods of Iraqis in various regions. Al-Falahi suggested the establishment of entities, committees, or small companies associated with recycling plants or waste conversion stations.

Landfills in Baghdad have become one of the largest in the country due to the high population density in the capital, raising concerns across various levels as green spaces diminish, and concrete structures expand.