PM Sudani speaks at press conference

Iraq affirms commitment to protect diplomatic missions and international coalition forces

BAGHDAD, October 25 — Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, emphasized on Tuesday that Iraq will not compromise in protecting diplomatic missions and international coalition forces, despite differences in policy on the Palestinian issue.

Al-Sudani spoke in a press conference, reported by 964:

We spoke at the Cairo conference on behalf of all Iraqis, reflecting the size of Iraq. We played a role in dialogue and communication with all influential international parties. This devastating war must stop.

Regarding security, we are keen on the stability and security of Iraq. Our position on the Palestinian issue is clear, but there are other commitments and obligations with our friends, even if we differ on this issue.

The government is concerned about its relationship with the international coalition and is taking the necessary measures to protect these locations from any aggression by any party. Our commitment to protecting diplomatic missions is unwavering, and there will be no compromise on this matter.