Al-Mu'nis calls for incorporation under diplomatic attache

Hussein Al-Mu’nis discusses legitimacy of U.S. bases in Iraq

BAGHDAD, October 25 — Hussein Al-Mu’nis, leader of the Rights Movement, said the presence of American military bases in Iraq is illegitimate and in violation of international law and the Iraqi constitution.

Al-Mu’nis spoke to Miqdad Al-Hmeidan on Al-Rasheed TV, and emphasized the need for a diplomatic solution through a military attache under the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

He also highlighted that current attacks on U.S. military bases are a natural consequence of the rejection to their presence, warning that resistance factions could be capable of stronger attacks.

Al-Mu’nis asserted that the existence of U.S. bases in Iraq had no justification, as confirmed by a parliamentary resolution issued on May 1, 2020, calling for the removal of foreign forces from Iraq.

“This stance does not mean that the government of Prime Minister Al-Sudani should be revolutionary or take the lead in the conflict. Instead, it is required to manage the country’s interests correctly,” he said. “The government’s duty is to preserve civil peace, and the recent statement issued by Al-Sudani to prevent any attacks on the American bases is a responsible move to consider the public interest.”

Al-Mu’nis continued, urging that if the government were bound to protect the American presence in Iraq, it should align this presence with the provisions of international law and the Vienna Convention.

“At present, no one knows what is happening within these bases. We have no information about their numbers, activities, procedures, ranks, locations, or armament agreements,” he said.

He added, “We are talking here about respecting a country’s sovereignty and lifting international guardianship. With the current occupation in Iraq, we are considered under its guardianship.”