Group offers aid and criticizes Israeli actions

Iraqi human rights center calls for support for Palestine

BASRA, October 12 — Members of the Iraq Center for Human Rights in Basra called on the Iraqi Parliament on Wednesday to provide civil society organizations assistance in reaching Palestine and delivering support and relief to civilians.

Ali Al-Abadi, Director of the Iraq Center for Human Rights, told 964: “The Iraq Center for Human Rights condemns Israeli practices against civilians in Gaza and the West Bank. We express our solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle to defend their land. We urge the international community to take a strong stance against Israel’s continuous targeting of civilians. We are ready to volunteer and provide aid to the Palestinian people.”

Qa’id Al-Safi, a constitutional law professor said: “Arab positions regarding the ongoing events in Palestine are timid and do not align with the crimes committed against Palestinian civilians. Today, through this conference, we declare our readiness to go to Palestine for relief efforts. We hope that the Iraqi Parliament will facilitate the access of civil society organizations to Palestinian territories and support relief efforts.”