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Fall clothing season begins in Kut amidst rising prices

WASIT, October 7 — The season of white shirts has come to an end in Kut as the first week of October begins. Clothing stores on “Al-Hawra Street” have started showcasing Turkish and Chinese fall clothing, despite rising prices, with significant demand.

Hassan Mortada, owner of a children’s clothing store for Network 964, commented:

“The moderation in temperatures started early this year, prompting us to display clothing suitable for the autumn season, locally known as ‘Al-Buharia.'”

“We ordered this clothing from Turkish factories about a month ago, and the preparation is usually done through the store owner’s trip to Turkey or by placing electronic orders with the factories we are accustomed to dealing with. The preparation typically takes about 2-3 weeks.”

“Prices have been continuously rising, especially for children’s clothing, due to fluctuating exchange rates and the cumbersome process of transferring money at the official rate.”

“Chinese clothing is also available and has seen a relatively higher price increase, but it is still around half the price of Turkish clothing, which is why some families prefer it.”

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