Findings to be shared in a report

Sulaymaniyah human rights commission conducts survey on freedom of expression

SULAYMANIYAH, October 4 — The Independent Human Rights Commission in Sulaymaniyah has launched a survey on freedom of expression by distributing printed questionnaires to citizens, with plans to release the findings in the near future.

Sulaiman Mohsen, the Commission’s media representative, told 964: “The survey will be filled out by all segments of society, especially intellectuals, journalists, and artists in Sulaymaniyah. The research [report] will be written and completed soon.”

Mohsen said the survey aims to learn people’s perception of their right to freedom of expression, and results will be presented to the Commission’s strategic planning committee.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) launched a wider survey in July, aiming to learn families’ economic and social status. Questions asked families about subjects covering incomes, education level, health status, social status, migration, food rationing and food security, housing, employment, agricultural work, access to household goods, loans, assistance and aid, time management, justice, satisfaction, and trust.