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Basra Gas Company exports ‘unprecedented’ 25,000 tons of C5 condensates

BASRA, October 2 — The Basra Gas Company has announced that it exported 25,000 tons of C5 condensates, used in petrochemical industries, through the Marlin tanker from one of the docks at Umm Qasr Port, describing it as an “unprecedented achievement.”

The company’s Managing Director, Andrew Wiper, said in an interview with the official Al-Sabah Newspaper that exports of condensates at this quantity represent a major achievement for the company, and would add value Iraq’s exports and economy overall.

Wyper described the export operation as the largest understaken by the Basra Gas Company to date in terms of volume, adding it would enable to company to explore new export markets to diversify its customer base, reducing reliance on a single market.

“Iraq has the potential to be a global player in the field of liquefied petroleum gas and condensates,” he said.

Wiper explained the export process, saying, “The Marlin tanker carried approximately 25,000 tons of C5 condensates through berth 1 at the export terminal in Umm Qasr, following the successful completion of the deepening project…[the company] was accustomed to loading 16,300 tons of condensates, and with increased production, the company safely and efficiently increased the shipment to 25,000 tons on vessels of the same size.”

C5 condensates are used as an intermediate substance in petrochemical production and blended to produce products like gasoline.

According to Wiper, the company’s new operations are also helping offset carbon emissions.

“So far, the company has prevented over 160 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere with the full operation of the Basra Gas Processing Plant. Additionally, it will prevent an additional 10 million tons of carbon dioxide from polluting the air, increasing the company’s capacity to eliminate approximately 30 million tons of carbon dioxide annually,” he said.