Riding a motorcycle

Armed robber targets salary disbursement center in Baqubah

DIYALA, October 1 — An armed robber, riding a motorcycle, targeted a salary disbursement center for employees and retirees in the central area of Baqubah on Sunday.

A source reported to Network 964: “The armed assailant forcibly entered the Salsabeel outlet in the Teachers’ neighborhood in central Baqubah, fully masked, even covering his hands and eyes.”

The robber entered the premises and brandished his weapon at the outlet owner, stealing 5 million Iraqi dinars before making a hasty escape towards the Katoun Al-Rahma area.

Upon pursuing the assailant, it was discovered that he had left his motorcycle near the Katoun area and fled, concealing himself among the residential alleyways.

An investigation into the incident has been initiated, and surveillance camera footage is being reviewed to uncover the details of the crime.