Faces the risk of deterioration and collapse

Neglect threatens historic mural of Ibn Sinna in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, September 30 — The mural of the renowned scholar Ibn Sina, located in the Karrada district of central Baghdad, faces the risk of deterioration and collapse due to neglect and vandalism. The mural was created by the late artist Nazem Ramzi in the 1960s and serves as a prominent landmark in the Alawiya area of Baghdad.

Despite its cultural and artistic significance, the mural is now in a state of decay, with parts of it falling off due to neglect and vandalism. It is located near the Alawiya Hospital, between Nadhale Street and Saadoun Street, and has not received the necessary attention for preservation.

Ali Noon, an artist, stated:

“The mural of the world-renowned Ibn Sina is a priceless work of art and one of the four most important murals in Iraq. It remains a vital part of Baghdad’s artistic identity, but unfortunately, this is its current condition.”

Mustafa Abbas, another artist, added:

“This neglected mural by artist Nazem Ramzi is a distinguished mosaic mural. However, it has not received proper care for years, and it is now on the brink of disappearing.”

“The mural has not been a focus of attention or restoration efforts by the Ministry of Culture or any other relevant authorities for many years, putting it at risk of further deterioration.”

Ghufran Ramzi, an art professor, commented:

“Ten years ago, the Ministry of Culture pledged to relocate the mural to a safer location, but unfortunately, this promise has not been fulfilled, and it seems that interest in preserving it has waned.”

“The mural of Ibn Sina represents a valuable piece of Baghdad’s cultural and artistic heritage, but its current state raises concerns about its future preservation and protection from further damage.”

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