Over Khor Abdullah

Sudani expresses confidence in resolution of navigation dispute with Kuwait

BAGHDAD, September 26 — Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani, expressed his complete confidence on Tuesday in the resolution of the dispute with Kuwait regarding the regulation of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah (Khor Abdullah) waterway. He affirmed his commitment to overcoming the dispute in a manner consistent with the Iraqi constitution and international law.

A statement from the media office, received by Network 964, read:

“The Prime Minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to international resolutions and the principles of good neighborliness. He emphasized its keenness to resolve the ongoing dispute with the sisterly state of Kuwait and to make efforts to find a solution to the issue of regulating navigation in Khawr Abd Allah, in a manner that aligns with the Iraqi constitution and international law. He noted that such crises can be resolved through understanding and rationality, away from emotional language and inflammatory statements that only lead to further crises and tensions.

He expressed his complete confidence in the resolution of this dispute, given the strong determination of both sides, Iraqi and Kuwaiti, to address this issue through mechanisms of understanding and mutual dialogue.”