'Crucial' support

Slovenia extends mine clearance assistance in Kurdistan Region

NEWSROOM — The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has renewed its commitment to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Mine Action Agency, extending financial support for mine and unexploded ordnance clearance in the Kurdistan Region for an additional two years.

The extension follows detailed discussions between the KRG Mine Action Agency delegation and Slovenian officials. Ali Mirani, the director of operations at the agency, confirmed the continued collaboration with the Slovenian ITF Enhancing Human Security organization in an interview with 964media.

“The continuation of this cooperation and financial support, as decided by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is crucial for the mine action agency’s operations for the years 2024-2025,” said Mirani.

Mirani highlighted that ITF Slovenia has played a pivotal role during challenging times, especially when the KRG faced a financial crisis that halted many of the agency’s activities. This support was instrumental in allowing several mine-clearing teams to resume their vital work.

The agency has been grappling with financial constraints since 2019, when the KRG ceased providing a vehicle procurement budget. Mirani had previously noted to 964media that the agency operates across all provinces and urgently needs more than 50 vehicles to support the clearance teams.